2020 Dates

All sessions are 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

You are always welcome to bring a friend!  If you think about it, an RSVP is nice, but don't worry if you forget to; you are always welcome! It is $6 each session, which you can pay at the door, or purchase sessions ahead of time. For your convenience, you can subscribe for $6 per month (cancel any time) or buy one month at a time. Just click on either button below and a pop up will appear for paypal.

Select the Month

January 25

Theme: New beginnings

February 15

Theme: Love

March 7

Theme: Challenges


Theme: Renewal

May 23

Theme: Traditions

June 13

Theme: Joy

July 11

Theme: Service

August 22

Theme: Listening

September 12

Theme: Forgiveness

October 24

Theme: Fear

November 14

Theme: Gratitude

December 5

Theme: Adoration