About Heart Journaling

What is Heart Journaling?

Simply put, it’s a creative way of expressing your Faith. We’ve all kept a journal or diary at some point, this is the same, but with color and creativity that adds to the experience. It’s a way to express what is on hour heart. It can be prayer, praise or a conversation between you and the Lord, with the creative help of the Holy Spirit.

A writing prompt:
The writing prompt can be the “theme” of a page. You can use any of the ones we post (click here) or use something you read on your own or a favorite scripture, or whatever is on your heart. There are no "wrong" writing prompts, so long as it is something that helps to bring you closer to God in some way.

Design Focus:
Each month we’ll go over a different art element or principle to help you stretch your artistic muscles...and don’t worry, no experience in art is needed.

These are tailored for our Heart Journals, and will simply help you make great design choices as you go forward.

Each month we’ll have a different technique we’ll show you during our get togethers-and soon we'll have online videos. We’ll ask different people to share their favorite ways of creating pages so there will always be something new. These are all easy to do at home, too!

What to bring:

If you have already started a journal you can bring that, or bring a new journal to start. We will be using watercolor washes, so paper that is a little thicker than copy paper works best. Don’t fret if the journal you have already started does not have thick paper, we can work around that. Size and shape is up to you, but pick one you LOVE.

Materials we will use in different sessions

Gel pens, Gelatos, watercolors, paintbrushes, makeup sponge, washi tape, guache paint, watercolor pencils, colored markers, small spray bottle, stamp pads in different colors, scissors, glue stick, oil pastels, There is a growing list online and each month we’ll highlight one of our favorites or something new. We’ll have material swaps, too...we can swap and share in our get togethers if you want to..a great way to try something new before you buy it!

You will get an email (once you join) the Monday before our get together with the materials we are going to be using, in case you would like to bring your own. If not, we'll have enough for you to use and  try out.