Member Resources

Welcome to our Resource page!

On this page you will find quick links to content we have created and curated just for you. We will be adding fresh items to the page, so be on the lookout for that! We never get tired of sharing new goodies for our Heart Journals!

Writing Prompts

Our writing prompts are updated every morning, however, your don't have to use them daily! If your schedule is journaling once a week or once a month, that's fine, too. We are also including "Word Art" for you. These are short verses or maybe a word in a swirly script that you can print out and include in your pages. Our writing prompts are based on scripture, beginning with Genesis and ending with Revelations. However, you don't even have to use ours; you are free to use prompts from your own resources.
Go to Writing Prompts.


Each month we share a different technique for creating a page in our monthly emails. We have them all archived here, so if you want to quickly reference one, you can do so from here. When we have a Get Together, we'll use one of these monthly techniques.

Suggested Materials

This is a short list of basic materials we use often. However, as with all our resources, they are not required. There are so many wonderful materials you can add to your journal, we wouldn't be able to include them all! But these will definitely get you started. When you join us for a Get Together, we'll have some fun goodies for you to try out on your pages. PLUS, coming later this year, we'll have a very convenient way to add to your materials collection....stay tuned! Go to suggested materials