This Month

If you were not able to join us in person, don't worry! This is what we did.

July 2019

A writing prompt:

Fear vs. Faith
“Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?”
Mark 4:40

“Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.”
Mark 5:36

There are so many passages about Faith; I just selected these two, because Jesus makes it so simple….Got fear? Get Faith.

A Design Focus:
A line is a visual path from one point to another. There are all kinds of lines; curved, straight, solid, dotted, dashed….you can even use a line of text as a visual path on your page. We will play with all kinds of lines today.

A Technique: 
Today we’ll play with strings and paint…a string can be another type of line, if you think about it. We are going to also be using watercolors with the strings.

Materials to bring
Your Journal

String, yarn or very thin rope (jute).
You can also bring ribbon, though we won’t use that with paint.


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