This Month

If you were not able to join us in person, don't worry! This is what we did.

June 2019

Writing Prompt

Our writing prompt this month is the word, “Power”. It’s inspired by Isaiah 40, which begins with “‘Comfort, comfort for my people,’ says your God.” and then goes on to give evidence of God’s power. (Here is a quick link to the entire chapter) Almost at the end we read, “He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.” It occurred to me that he does not say “strength to the weak”…but power. So I looked up the definition of power. “ability to act or produce an effect; possession of control, authority, or influence over others…” I think that is interesting, and it certainly has me thinking. I invite you to ponder why God chooses to give power to the weak and strength to the powerless.

Inspiration Board

Before there was Pinterest there was the old fashioned “mood board” or “inspiration board”. These are actual physical sheets of poster board (or whatever large paper you would like to use), that you glue things that catch your attention or have a specific meaning for you. This is not really a “design” thing, but it will give you a lot of “fodder” for your design choices. So for our Heart Journals, we are going to create an “Inspiration Board.” Between when you read this email and our next get together (Saturday, June 28 at 10am), scour magazines, packaging, brochures…anything printed, and look for colors and patterns that you LOVE. Cut them out or tear out the pages. Please, try to resist using the is just to easy to end up using someone eles’s inspiration. This is YOURS. We are going to create our own boards to use going forward as a resource…I’ll explain more when we are together.

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