This Month

If you were not able to join us in person, don't worry! This is what we did.

May 2019

We offer a writing prompt each month, or you are more than welcome to use something that is on your heart, or perhaps a reflection of something you are currently reading.

May writing prompt:
“A Sense of Belonging”
or answer “What does it mean to me that I belong to you?” In this case, the “you” is the Lord. What does it mean to you that you belong to Him? Or just contemplate the word “belonging”…what does that mean to you?
If you have jitters about writing in your new journal, write on a separate piece of paper and then can glue it in your Heart Journal later. We get it, sometimes that first entry is the hardest! A Design Focus:
Focal point
Each page has a focus or main feature. It is the first thing your eyes go to when you open the page. This month we started out by making the writing prompt the focal point. Does that mean you have to put it right into the center? Not at all! Sometimes the focal point is off to one side, or in one of the corners (but not too small). The key is to decide what YOU want the focus to be. A Technique:
Prepared backgrounds make is so much easier to dive into everything else; they set the stage. This month we used water colors to make washes using one or two colors. We used lots of water to make the colors soft and blending into each other. Material to bring if you can
A Journal (if you have already started one, bring that)
A large brush
Something to try
We played with Gelatos! These are the size, shape and even texture of lipstick, and you can use them like crayons or pastels, blend them into each other, or most fun of all, add water using your brush to turn them into paint! They look great on top of your water color wash, too. You can find Gelatos at The Art Cart in Lowe Mill, Michael’s, or Amazon. Read More